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Escofier made an action for the environment in developing this series Green line, which is fully electric.

Due to its modular design, the range FLEX offers a wide array of applications for all types cold rolling processes by rolling dies.

The different frame sizes (S, M, L et XL) allow to take into account a wide size spectrum of parts.
The maximum force of cylinder (de 10 à 120 T), the type (electric or hydraulic), the size of shaft rolling dies, the types of drive available… etc. allow to take into account all types of processes of conventional rolling, Incremental®, Syncroll®, burnishing, densification, finning, corrugating



Main features

  • Frame of machine in cast iron, available in 4 sizes (S, M, L and XL) and ensure maximum rigidity of the assembly
  • High-precision carriage guidance on rectified rails
  • Symmetrical movement of two carriages activated by a single cylinder, electric or hydraulic
  • Driving the rolling dies in several ways by reducing or direct
  • Shaft diameter adapted to the type of rolling dies and to the application
  • Movements controlled by automation, digitized axes or numerical control
  • Function of control effort of the rolling force optional for the burnishing
  • Ease to adjust taper and tilt

flex-s-10-e-fond-blanc                                                    flex-xl-120-e-fond-blanc

FLEX S 10 e  Green line                                                                              FLEX XL 120 e  Green line

        flex-m-15-e-fond-blanc  flex-l-60-e-fond-blanc

FLEX M 15 e  Green line                                FLEX L 60 e  Green line

Principle and application

  • Using in feed, thru feed and forced thru feed
  • Possibility of multiple rolling in the same cycle
  • Ease of quick series change
  • Accessibility of the work area and adaptation of the part fixture and / or automation of the loading

Part fixture adapted to request

  • Part fixture with rest blade and stop
  • Part fixture between two center pin
  • Part fixture with turning bushing
  • Part fixture with crossing bushing
  • Part fixture with process Syncroll®

machine_mtr_detail  cimg2530  flex_filetage  img_2684  flex_cannelure

Automation loading on request

  • Numerical axis: translation of part fixture from the front of the machine (for loading of part) to the exact position between rolling dies (for rolling operation)
  • Vibratory bowl and guide rails by gravity
  • Robotic arm for handling parts
  • Gantry with grippers
  • Loading and unloading conveyor for parts