Green line

The main attraction of our Escofier machines is use of a numerical axis combining high performance, low power consumption, maintenance almost zero and minimum operating noise. Of course, the morphology of Escofier machines always used to associate a single cylinder to a symmetrical movement. A position control loop with a resolution of less than 5 microns, coupled with a manufacturing very high stiffness and accuracy based on a frame and cast iron carriages, possible to achieve capabilities rarely obtained. Already greatly appreciated in the aviation industry and the energy industry for the rolling of very difficult parts, this series is also expanding in the automotive industry for the rolling of special screws or splines. This original and powerful design achieves precision and very high capabilities.

Escofier made an action for the environment in developing this series Green line which is fully electric. This name FLEX is directly inspired of flexibility that includes changing very fast of campaign.
This full range of FLEX machine can exert a rolling force of from 10 to 120 Tons powers.

The machines FLEX ie (i for incremental® and e for electric Green line) are dedicated to rolling operation of precision splines.




FLEX S 10 ie  Green line

Electric machine of 10 Tons







FLEX M 30 ie  Green line

Electric machine of 30 Tons








FLEX L 40 ie  Green line

Electric machine of 40 Tons