Escofier has developed multiple patented processes for spline rolling. Based on the desired characteristics of the final part, we specify the right process for your needs.

The Incrémental® process

  • Fixed centre distance (T1). Adjustment possible when changing series
  • Rolling cycle = 1 rotation of the tools. Part rotation is induced by the tools

Advantages and Characteristics

  • Extremely short rolling time (in general < 4sec.)
  • No waiting for the return of tools to home position
  • Fp < 30 µm
  • Maximum module 1.5

The Syncroll® Process

  • Variable centre distance (T1)
  • Rolling cycle = As many rotations as necessary. Driven workpiece holder induces synchronised tool rotation

Advantages and Characteristics

  • Rolling time is generally between 6 and 12 seconds.
  • Fp < 20 µm
  • Maximum module 1.5
  • Long spline manufacture using forced through-feed rolling
  • Rolling of helical splines
  • Rolling of hollow parts
  • Rolling of splines with a large number of teeth


Spline rolling has many applications in a number of fields: automotive, aerospace, construction, medical, tools, household appliances, etc.