Finding solutions adapted to your needs

Escofier is internationally recognised as a leading expert in the rolling sector. Thanks to cutting edge technology and a relentless focus on innovation, we have been able to develop unique ‘savoir-faire‘ in this sector.

At Escofier, we are committed to maintaining a close relationship with our customers in order to understand their needs and offer them a high degree of technical adaptability. Escofier has a strong tradition, but is also at the forefront of innovation, and has made a name for itself in the rolling sector. With a team of passionate and dedicated experts, the company is able to provide high-quality solutions to its customers all over the world.

In our experience, innovation is a fundamental value, but we have not forgotten our heritage. We remain true to our roots and expertise, whilst embracing the latest technological advances. This unique combination of tradition and innovation has enabled us to position ourselves as a leader in the rolling industry. With a high degree of technical adaptability and a close relationship with our customers, we are able to meet your specific needs and help you to achieve your objectives.

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