Robust and Economical

The MTR (Machine Thread Rolling) machines are our entry-level range for rolling threads, knurls/grooves or other profiles with circular and constant profile dies. Simple, robust and economical, these machines benefit from Escofier’s experience and savoir-faire at the best price for throughfeed or infeed rolling operations.

Simple, solid, economical. The MTR series benefits from Escofier’s experience and savoir-faire at a lower cost.

Key Features:

  • Standard solution
  • Frame for optimum machine rigidity
  • Precise carriage movements ensured by 3 guides
  • Symmetrical movement of mobile slides
  • Gearbox for wide spindle rotation range
  • Easy access for manual adjustment
  • Infeed or throughfeed rolling
  • Peripheral units: Siemens, Rexroth

Our Machines by Numbers: