Performance and Productivity

Thanks to its modular design, the FLEX machine series offers numerous application solutions for all types of cold rolling. The maximum rolling force of the roll (from 5 to 240T), the type of process (throughfeed or infeed), the different diameters of the roller shafts, the types of drive available, etc. ensure the flexibility needed to produce all types of profiles: threads, Incremental®, Syncroll®, roller burnishing, densification, finned tubes with exceptional precision.

All of our machines are developed with Industry 4.0 in mind using IoT and OPC UA technologies.

In line with Escofier’s positioning as a company committed to the environment, the 100% electric FLEX range is specifically designed and manufactured according to the principles of sustainable development. A key aspect of this approach is the significant reduction in energy consumption. At the same time, to support local businesses, we have introduced a ‘short circuit’ approach. This initiative ensures that 50% of our suppliers are based in our region, Burgundy-Franche-Comté, while 93% are located in France. In this way, we encourage local partnerships while contributing to the national economy in a way that is consistent with our commitment to sustainable development.

The fundamental structure of our machine is optimised for precision and reliability. Manufactured in the spirit of Escofier, combining innovation and tradition.

Key Features

  • Tailor-made solutions to suit your application
  • Cast-iron machine bed and carriages for optimum machine rigidity
  • High precision carriage movement thanks to machined guide rails
  • Carriages moved symmetrically by a single electric actuator
  • Shafts controlled by brushless motors
  • Shaft diameters adapted to tools and applications
  • Numerically controlled (CNC) machine
  • User interface designed for quick and easy operation
  • Rolling force control system (FCR)
  • Easy adjustment of taper and helix

Built to Last

Easy to Use

Our machines are easy to use, thanks to a winning combination of in-house software and Siemens hardware.

  • Machine operation via a SIEMENS PLC and its Human Machine Interface
  • Optimised ergonomics, easy to set up, simple programming and quick to learn
  • Easy tooling changeover: set-up assistance, storage of all settings for re-use
  • Console display: force curve, torque curve, force control, production quality monitoring, etc.

Easy Tooling Changeover

  • Quick-release bearing system and tool mounting aid for simplified tooling changes
  • Quick change of workpiece holder, with multi-position settings

A Tailored Solution – Industry 4.0

A solution designed for you, with you:

  • Customised housing
  • Specific workpiece holder
  • Automation
  • Connected machine

Automated feeding system:

  • Robots from leading brands
  • Conveyors adapted to the parts
  • Bin picking and 2D – 3D vision systems
  • Secure, soundproof enclosures
  • Options and additional modules:
    • Hoist for heavy tools
    • Cooling system
    • Remote maintenance
    • Connected tools (RFID)

FLEX Machines by Numbers: