Technical Support

We posess an engineering design department dedicated to the creation of new products and the development of existing ones. To serve this purpose, our engineering office is also responsible for developing the manufacturing process and optimising the existing machines. In order to guarantee the quality of our products, we have a testing area to carry out the development of prototype rolling dies. This is equipped with a full range of high-performance machines, allowing us to test the products in real conditions.

Testing and Development

Testing capabilities are highly valued for complex projects. Thanks to its expertise and state-of-the-art equipment, Escofier is able to carry out meticulous tests to guarantee the quality and precision of its products. Whether it’s delicate materials or specific requirements, the Escofier team is skilled at meeting the most demanding needs. Their testing capabilities are an essential part of the manufacturing process, ensuring customer satisfaction and the delivery of reliable results.


Escofier is fortunate to have a team of automation engineers who continue to develop our products in the Escofier spirit of tradition and innovation. As factories become increasingly automated and connected, our machines are designed and built to be in the factory of the future.
Our machines are compatible with most major robot brands, and our team of automation experts can offer customised solutions.

Escofier is also at your service for training, after-sales and retrofit services.

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